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LiveTrack Website Analytics with Chat

LiveTrack Website Analytics with Interactive Chat will produce more sales, facilitate customer support, enhance your website's usability, and get the best return for your online advertising dollar.
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LiveTrack Website Analytics with Interactive Chat is a complete solution for any kind of website.

It enables you to:

Live Site Monitoring and Update

Conventional website analytics tell you what happened in the past. LiveTrack Website Analytics tells you what is happening right now so you can make immediate changes to improve your website.

You can:

LiveTrack Website Analytics works in tandem with other Tri-State Web Marketing services to improve your website marketing and increase sales.

Use LiveTrack:

Interactive Chat

Interactive Chat enables you to provide a live human presence to offer help or give information whenever a visitor needs it.

Don't lose prospects because they can't find what they are looking for or don't have the information to make a purchase. Engage them with Interactive Chat.

You can set up Interactive Chat to allow customers to request assistance and for you to proactively reach out with an offer to chat with a live human being. A friendly nudge may be all they need to buy.

You can even have LiveTrack automatically prompt visitors for Interactive Chat based on criteria such as when a visitor views a set of key pages, use certain keywords or originates from a specific geographical location.

Interactive Chat raises the credibility of your Web-based business by providing real people ready to assist visitors.

You can use Interactive Chat with your own call center staff or Tri-State Web Marketing can provide you with representatives who will offer information you provide in the way of sales scripts, data sheets or other information.

Don't Have Your Own Call Center?

If you can't afford your own call center, Tri-State Web Marketing can provide you with call center services that customers will think are yours. 24/7 Live Operators is a complete call center solution that will give your website a professional presence and increase its credibility and sales.

Pick Your Package

LiveTrack Website Analytics with Interactive Chat is available in several packages to suit your needs and budget. You can start simply, with only LiveTrack Website Analytics, and add Interactive Chat and Call Center services as your website business grows.


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