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24/7 Live Operators Answering Service

Give your website the human touch and grow your sales with 24/7 Live Operators from Tri-State Web Marketing.

When a visitor needs help and can't get it, they can leave without buying. 24/7 Live Operators keeps them browsing and buying with a live human to respond immediately to their needs.

24/7 Live Operators is an around-the-clock call center that can serve your customers by phone or Interactive Chat. Don't miss a potential sale when a service representative can be available at all hours to take a phone order or provide assistance. If you don't have the resources to host a call center yourself, 24/7 Live Operators can provide the service you need at an affordable cost. All customer service representatives are American English native speakers.

Remote Live Receptionist Service

A live professional receptionist will answer calls, project the image you want your callers to receive and assist each caller as defined by your protocol. For example, after answering a call, we will help the caller by answering their questions (with information you provide to us), take a message or patch calls to an appropriate member of your team. Ask us about custom solutions to solve special issues you face.

When used with LiveTrack Website Analytics with Interactive Chat, representatives can anticipate a visitor's need for help and proactively respond, before the visitor leaves your website.

Representatives can monitor visitor activity in LiveTrack Website Analytics and offer assistance by Interactive Chat. LiveTrack can also be set up to alert representatives to assist a visitor when they view a set of key pages, use certain keywords or originate from a certain geographical location.

Order Entry Services

We can become your callers' fingers on the web by entering orders directly into your website. This spares you from any need to re-key or transcribe orders. We can also provide other forms of customer service - order status inquiries, shipment tracking and frequently asked questions, for example.

Live Telephone Answering Service

A telephone secretary can answer calls and take a basic message. The message can be delivered to the appropriate party via text message, alpha pager, e-mail, fax or voice mail. Messages are also viewable on the web. All messages come with a serial number to keep track of all messages received. Personalized greetings are included on all accounts.

Answering Service Staff

We provide initial account setup and programming as well as continuous account maintenance services, including training of operators on account and a monthly operator account review.

Enhance the usability of your website and boost sales with the power of 24/7 Live Operators from Tri-State Web Marketing.


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