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Sitemap Service


Every Website needs a complete and accurate site map. We know how to build them to meet the standards of modern search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Ask and Bing (MSN).

Site maps improve the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of a Web site by ensuring that all its pages can be found by a Web crawler.

A sitemap is the best insurance for getting a major search engine to learn about your entire site.

Google Sitemaps - The Standard
Google introduced Google Sitemaps so Web developers can publish lists of links from across their sites. Because Google, Bing (MSN), Yahoo! and Ask jointly support Google Sitemaps as a standard, creating one sitemap enables the four biggest search engines to have current page information.

Tri-State Web Marketing is an expert at developing sitemaps and submitting them to the major search engines. We also keep your sitemap current so that as your Web site changes and grows, all the major search engines are kept up to date.