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Non-Profit Organization Services

Most non-profits have to stretch their resources as far as they can go and then some. Tri-State Web Marketing can help non-profits use the Web to get the most from their limited dollars.

Reduce Mailing Costs

Tri-State Web Marketing can dramatically reduce your mailing costs with its Email Marketing and Contact Management service.

Send your members newsletters, follow-up emails, member notices, fund-raising solicitations, invitations – anything - without spending a dime on stamps or envelopes.

Email Marketing and Contact Management replaces snail mail with an efficient, cost-effective mass-email system. If you need to raise money, enlist volunteers, or just keep your membership informed of your activities, Email Marketing and Contact Management will make it easier and cheaper.

Bring Your Fundraising Into the 21st Century

With Email Marketing and Contact Management, you will have a modern tool for fund-raising campaigns. Don't just send out fundraising letters and hope for the best. Evaluate and improve the success of your fundraising campaigns with Email Marketing's advanced reporting and tracking capabilities.

Find out who is reading your fundraising emails and who isn’t. Find out who clicked which links and when.

Never be in the dark about your fundraising and outreach efforts. With Email Marketing and Contact Management, you can find out which campaigns get the best results based on open rates and click-thrus.

You can:

  • View an open-rate and click-rate report for various time periods
  • Use split testing to determine which fundraising campaigns perform best
  • Run a split test on a small portion of your list and automatically send the best email to the rest of your list
  • Test unlimited variations in a single split test

Accept Donations Online

Don't wait for donors to write a check and mail it in. Donations are just a click away when you have Tri-State Web Marketing equip your Web site with the ability to accept credit and debit card contributions. And you and your donors won't have to worry about credit card numbers being stolen with our secure transaction processing. Tri-State makes it safe and easy for your supporters to give online.

Find New Sources of Revenue

Tri-State Web Marketing can enable you to make money by adding advertising banners to your Web site and emails. You can then use our LiveTrack Web Analytics service to demonstrate how much Web traffic you direct to other Web sites. Proof that you can drive traffic to other Web sites will help you secure more advertisers and make more money.

Keep Your Web Site Up to Date

Your Website must remain current and up to date to keep visitors coming back. Tri-State's user-friendly Content Management System (CMS) enables you to make updates yourself, without help from a Web designer. Launch new fundraising campaigns, post breaking news and announce upcoming events and activities easily and quickly with our Content Management System (CMS).

Tri-State Web Marketing can replace outmoded ways of doing business with the creative and cost-effective use of the Web. Let us review your non-profit's Web site and suggest ways we can help you use the Web to get the most from your dollars.


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